Do you want your organization’s meetings to flow smoothly? Adopting a set of bylaws and a parliamentary authority such as Robert’s Rules of Order for your organization can make a huge difference in ensuring your meetings, and the organization itself, are conducted in an organized manner. Often, the services of a professional parliamentarian can help! With professional parliamentarians on staff, Packetvision can help your organization with any and all parliamentarian needs. We even have members of the National Association of Parliamentarians available to consult with your organization and assist with:

  • Conventions
  • Bylaws consulting
  • Amending or revising bylaws
  • Advising Officers and Board members
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Presiding over organizational meetings
  • Parliamentary procedure training
  • Presiding Officer training
  • Supervision of elections
  • Meeting strategy and planning
  • Script and agenda creation

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