Small Business VoIP Telephone System Package

Even in today’s increasingly mobile world, most small businesses will still find value in a modern, on-premise PBX phone system. Luckily, many recent Voice over IP (VoIP) technology advances are available and cost effective, even for a small business. This is just an example of a small business VoIP package. This same package can be scaled to power an entire, global, enterprise call center.

Cost: $5,000


  • One IP PBX system with 4 FXO trunk line PCI-E card
  • Five (5) Cisco VoIP telephones
  • One (1) 24 port Cisco Small Business network switch with VoIP Quality of Service prioritization
  • Installation and initial configuration
  • One end user training session (as many attendees as you need)
  • One administrative user training session

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